What legal info do I need to show & where?

Business Stationery & Web Sites for limited companies.*

All limited company stationery (i.e. letterheads, invoices, delivery notes etc) must clearly show all the following information:

Certain things like individual business cards and compliment slips may be exempt but we would recommend that you consider adding registration numbers & addresses to everything.

  • The full registered name of the company including the word limited or its abbreviation ltd (or equivalent for a PLC or LLP)
  • A statement of where the company is registered. Such as registered in England or registered in England & Wales etc.
  • The company registration number
  • The registered office address, make it clear if the head office address is different to the main trading address or addresses.
  • If your registered office and trading address are in the same place just list that address. You don’t have to draw the distinction between the two unless they are at different locations.
  • You don’t have to list the names of the directors, but if you show one, then you will have to list all the directors names together. It’s all or nothing!
  • The company VAT number if you are VAT registered
  • Company cheques must show the word limited or ltd. If you don’t get your bank to do this then the person who signs the cheque is then personally liable for tha amount if it is returned unpaid by your bank.

Rules for displaying information on your website(s)

These same rules apply on websites too. Display of the correct company head office and trading outlet addresses must also be clearly displayed on your web site(s) or those operated by the company if it has a different web trading name.  If you don’t do this, you open up the company director(s) to possible prosecution and/or personal liability in respect of certain dealings and transactions.

Basically be honest & upfront at all times.

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*This information is correct as at June 2011 – please refer to either the companies house website or direct.gov.uk

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